What is Priceable?

Priceable is a supermarket price comparison website tracking over 150,000 products daily from the UK's top supermarkets.

Easily compare grocery prices, discounts and multibuy offers across supermarkets and use the Split List feature to pay the cheapest price for your shopping overall.

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Change store menu

Select Supermarket

If you have a preferred supermarket, select this supermarket in the top navigation menu, otherwise you will be shown products available in all supermarkets.

Change store menu

Priceable will automatically compare product prices and tell you if you have the best price at your preferred supermarket, or show you how much you can save to buy the product elsewhere.

Compare Prices

You can quickly compare prices in the price comparison popup by clicking on the compare prices button.

You can also view the price comparison in more detail on the product page by simply clicking on the product name.

Price comparison popup
Price History Chart

Compare Price History

Compare historical price data on the product page to see when a product was at its cheapest or most expensive.

The interactive graph gives you information on the exact dates the prices change.

View Promotions

When there is a promotional offer available on a product, a promotion button can be seen in the price comparison popup.

You can also view the price 'per each' item to easily see which promotion is the best value.

To view more details about the promotion or to select additional products as part of the offer, simply click on the promotion button.

Product Promotion link
List page price comparison

Compare Shopping List

Easily compare running totals of all items per supermarket using the sidebar or the shopping list page.

You can compare supermarket totals by price, multibuy savings, or the number of available items.

Split Shopping List

Save time that would otherwise be spent making individual supermarket shopping lists by using the split list feature.

The split view tab on the shopping list page automatically splits your shopping by supermarket and cheapest price.

Split Lists
Priceable devices screenshot

Use on Mobile, Tablet or PC

The Priceable website works seamlessly on any device.

As well as saving you money on your shopping, Priceable saves you space on your phone.

Simply add it to your home screen from your browser and it works like a native phone app. You don't even have to download it from the app store. Click here for details.

That’s not all...

There are exciting new features to look forward to:

New Supermarkets

Email Price Alerts

& More...