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Activia Low Fat Yogurt Raspberry & Chia Seed Muesli

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£1.10 £0.67 per 100g
23 Jul 2024
£1.85 £1.25 £0.76 per 100g
18 Jun 2024
£1.50 £0.91 per 100g
15 Aug 2023
£1.80 £1.09 per 100g
23 Jul 2024
£1.85 £1.12 per 100g
23 Jul 2024

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Perfect for a snack on the go, enjoy a Raspberry & Chia Seed Muesli Breakfast Pot For the perfect blend of deliciously smooth and creamy yoghurt and the satisfying crunch of tasty muesli, try Activia Raspberry & Chia Seed Breakfast pots. Low in fat and made with carefully selected ingredients, Activia Breakfast Pots come in a range of flavours, including ripe and juicy raspberry for an irresistibly fruity flavour and an irresistibly creamy texture - the perfect way to feel good from the inside out*. With over 30 years experience of gut health knowledge in every spoonful, our recipe contains billions of live cultures and a blend of 5 ferments which are given 8 hours to develop - bringing you a yoghurt that’s satisfyingly smooth and deliciously good for your gut health*. Explore the full range of yoghurts from Activia. From the tantalising flavours in our fruit yoghurts and Fat Free No added Sugar range, to Grains & Nuts and Fusion Fruit Layers, you’ll find spoonfuls of choice for a tasty addition to your day. *Activia contains calcium which contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Enjoy as part of a varied, balanced diet & healthy lifestyle.