Mobile apps

Use the priceable supermarket price comparison apps for Android, iOS & other devices to save money on your daily shopping.

The Priceable website is a Progressive Web Application (PWA). This means you can add it to your phone's home screen from your browser and it will behave exactly like a native phone app.
This saves space on your phone and you don't have to spend time downloading it from the app store.

Install on Android devices

There are 2 ways to install the Priceable app on Android devices. You can either download it from the Google Play store by clicking on the Google Play badge below.

Get it on Google Play

or follow the instructions below to add it directly from your browser

Android 'Add to Home Screen' banner
1. Tap on 'Add to Home Screen' banner
Android 'Install app' option
2. Or tap 'Install app' option from menu

Install on iOS devices

You can install the Priceable app on iOS devices by adding it to your home screen from the browser. Please note this is not a bookmark, the app is installed like a native iOS app.

iOS share button
1. Tap share icon
iOS Add to Home Screen option
2. Tap 'Add to Home Screen' option