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Terrys Chocolate Orange Easter Egg & Mini Eggs

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£0.99 £0.49 per 100g
10 May 2024
£3.00 £1.50 per 100g
31 Mar 2024
£3.25 £1.63 per 100g
28 Mar 2024
2 Apr 2024

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Have a very 'Terry' Easter with our delicious Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs Easter Egg. A smooth, creamy hollow milk orange chocolate egg with a bag of our delicious milk orange mini eggs inside.MORE THAN 250 YEARS OF DELICIOUSNESS!

The Terry's Chocolate story began in 1767 with the opening of a shop near Bootham Bar, York, selling lemon and orange candied peel. In 1823, Joseph Terry joined the company and using his specialist skills, developed new lines of chocolate, confectionery, candied peel and marmalade.

Fast forward to 1932, the iconic Terry’s Chocolate Orange was born, revolutionising the chocolate industry and becoming an immediate hit. Since then, we've never stopped innovating and continued to launch new formats and flavours to delight our loyal fans.

So what are you waiting for...tap it, unwrap it and enjoy it!
A Large Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk Easter Egg and A Bag of Mini Eggs with a Crispy Shell, Made with Real Orange Oil