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Staropramen Premium Czech Lager

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£2.35 £0.36 per 100ml
31 Oct 2022
£2.50 £0.38 per 100ml
12 Apr 2024
£2.50 £0.38 per 100ml
5 Apr 2024
£2.50 £0.38 per 100ml
15 Aug 2023
£2.65 £0.40 per 100ml
12 Apr 2024
£2.80 £0.43 per 100ml
12 Apr 2024
12 Apr 2024

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Staropramen, perfectly balanced for over 150 years, is a traditional Czech Pilsner which is brewed with passion using the finest ingredients including premium Czech hops. It has a fine hoppy, slightly fruity aroma and a refreshing balanced taste.In 1869, Jan Kohout and Vilem Pick had a dream to make a perfect beer by using nothing but quality ingredients - authentic Saaz hops, special barley and yeast - they created a beer known today as Staropramen.

Aroma - Hoppy, bready & subtle spiciness
Taste - Full flavoured but perfectly balanced
Finish - Full bodied yet refreshing
Food Pairing - Perfect with big flavoured meaty dishesCelebrate with us by enjoying a Staropramen on its own or as a delicious partner to hearty meat dishes such as pork chops or steak stew.Proud to be the #1 Prague Beer in the world., Expertly brewed since 1869, Staropramen has over 150 of experience in brewing making us true experts., A traditional premium Czech Pilsner brewed with passion using only the finest ingredients., A refreshing, well balanced taste, certified by our very own Brewmaster's., Authentically Czech, using only the highest-quality ingredients including Saaz hops, special barley and yeast.