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Abbot Reserve

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1 Mar 2024
£2.50 £0.50 per 100ml
15 Aug 2023
£2.60 £0.52 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024
£2.65 £0.53 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024
£2.75 £0.55 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024

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From the master brewers of Abbot Ale comes this super premium beer, Abbot Reserve. Brewed in limited quantities this is an exceptional treat for that special occasion. Abbot Reserve is a distinctive full bodied, smooth and mature beer, bursting with rich fruit cake and toffee flavours.

Aroma: Ripe fruit and fruit cake
Taste: Full bodied, fruit cake and toffeeIn Bury St. Edmunds - the home of Abbot Ale - brewing can be traced back 1,000 years. In fact, the Domesday Book records “cerevisiari” or ‘ale brewers’ who served the Abbot in the town’s Great Abbey.

Inheriting their fascinating experience, our brewing process has hardly changed over hundreds of years. It takes seven days to craft the perfect pint of Abbot Ale.Rich & malty, Crafted quality ale