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Ella's Kitchen Mangoes 4+ Months

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£0.90 £1.29 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
£0.90 £1.29 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
£0.90 £1.29 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
£0.90 £1.29 per 100g
15 Aug 2023
£0.99 £1.41 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
£1.00 £1.43 per 100g
9 Dec 2023

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Hello I'm 100% organic pureed mangoes + a dash of lemon juice - with nothing else added.

Who am I made for? My ingredients are suitable from 4 months. I'm also great when mixed into chunkier food for babies who are ready for more texture. The Government advises that you don't need to wean your little one until they are 6 months. Every baby is different!

- I'm just yummy organic food for babies
- Super smooth puree with no big lumps + nothing artificial
- Perfect for little ones from 4+ months
- No added sugar or salt- I contain naturally occuring sugarsMy dad promised me that all of our food would be full of goodness + taste yummy too!
Ella x100% I'm organic, Super smooth, Just yummy organic food for babies, No lumps or bits and nothing artificial, No added salt or water, No added sugar - I contain naturally occurring sugars, I do not contain glutenP.S. let's be friends
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