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DRTY Mango Passion Vodka Seltzer

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£2.50 £0.76 per 100ml
12 Sept 2023
£2.50 £0.76 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024
£2.50 £0.76 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024

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Mango Passion, Vodka and Sparkling Water. For the forty days a year when Britain gets sun, this one goes hard. Like, really hard. 95kcal, 4% ABV.
We're a vodka seltzer that forgets all the faff. It's vodka, sparkling water and flavour. In a can.
It's how we feel about the world in general. It's not about your clothes, your story or your star sign. The only thing that matters is whether you're up for it.
If you're down, we're DRTY.