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Muller Light Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Fat Free Yogurt

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£0.75 £0.47 per 100g
5 Dec 2022
£0.90 £0.56 per 100g
23 Jul 2024
£0.90 £0.56 per 100g
23 Jul 2024
£0.90 £0.56 per 100g
23 Jul 2024
£0.90 £0.56 per 100g
18 Jun 2024

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Enjoy Müller Light's Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Sprinkles yogurt, with a new Müllerlicious recipe, even thicker and now with added vitamin D and B6 to give you a little lift during your day! Still fat free, high in protein and 99 calories or less, the toughest choice is deciding which flavour to try next!Get the good going with Müller Light Yogurts! Always Müllerlicious, made with 0% fat and 0% added sugar, it's never been tastier to make a simple healthy switch in your day!
Your Müller. Your Way. Your Happy Place.0% Fat, High in Protein, 99kcal or less, Suitable for Vegetarians, Vitamins D & B6Müller sustainability initiatives

Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.