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Bacardi Carta Blanca And Cola Mixed Drink

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£1.75 £0.70 per 100ml
29 Mar 2023
£2.00 £0.80 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024
£2.00 £0.80 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024
£2.00 £0.80 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024

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BACARDÍ Rum and Cola is a ready to drink cocktail combining BACARDÍ rum with cola, and no artificial sweeteners. It offers a sweet, rich cola flavour.BACARDÍ is the oldest and largest family-run rum company in the world. It all started in 1862 when Don Facundo Bacardi Masso bought a small distillery in Santiago de Cuba. From there, he revolutionized the rum-making process by developing the smooth, light-bodied spirit the world now knows as BACARDÍ rum. Over 160 years later, BACARDÍ Rum is the most awarded rum in history. It’s the rum you reach for when celebrating moments that matter, one drink at a time.BACARDÍ Rum & Cola is a perfectly balanced canned cocktail crafted with award-winning BACARDÍ white rum and 100% sustainably sourced ingredients, Combining the sweetness of the Caribbean with bubbly and refreshing cola for a timeless classic in convenient canned cocktails, Refreshing, full flavoured premixed cocktails made with Caribbean rum that you can easily take anywhere, BACARDÍ Rum and Cola is great when chilled and better with friends, making it perfect for picnics, parties and other social events, BACARDÍ rum is the most awarded rum in history, BACARDÍ Rum and Cola Ready to Drink Rum Cocktail is 5% alcohol by volumeBACARDÍ is the world's most awarded rum