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NIVEA Refreshing Face Wash Gel

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£2.00 £1.33 per 100ml
15 Aug 2023
11 Nov 2022
£2.55 £1.70 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024
£3.15 £2.10 per 100ml
16 Mar 2023
£4.25 £2.84 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024
£4.60 £3.07 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024
£4.60 £3.07 per 100ml
1 Mar 2024

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Product Description

- Deeply cleanses the skin
- Maintains the skin's moisture balance
- Removes daily impurities
- Cares for the skin
- Invigorates and refreshes the skin

The NIVEA Refreshing Wash Gel is enriched with Lotus Flower and Hydramine, which is known to effectively bind moisture in the skin. Especially developed for normal and combination skin, it deeply cleanses, removes daily impurities, invigorates and refreshes the skin. Moreover, it cares for the skin and maintains its natural moisture balance.

The skin is deeply cleansed and refreshed, looking healthy and beautiful.
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.For optimal results use the whole range of NIVEA® Daily Essentials products for normal & combination skin.Deeply cleanses the skin, Maintains the skin's moisture balance, Removes daily impurities, Cares for the skin, Invigorates and refreshes the skin, For healthy looking skin