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Kiddylicious Strawberry & Banana Smoothie Melts

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£0.80 £0.60 £10.00 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
£0.80 £0.60 £13.33 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
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9 Dec 2023
£0.70 £11.67 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
£0.70 £11.67 per 100g
24 Aug 2023
29 Dec 2022
£0.95 £15.84 per 100g
9 Dec 2023

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Crunchy, bubbly and melty fruit snacks for toddlersKiddylicious snacks keep tiny tummies topped up between meals as well as supporting little ones' development. There is something for everyone from weaning for babies to infant finger food. We guarantee that our snacks will be bursting with lots of yummy flavours with different shapes and textures.

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Kiddylicious Biscotti Independent Sitting 7+ MonthsMade of 100% pure fruit, whizzed up, and set into tasty bubbly bites, 1 of 5 a day, packed with real fruit, Perfect finger food for toddlers, Portion sized packs to enjoy in between meals, at home or on the go, Suitable for 12months+, No lactose, no nuts, no egg and no added salt, No artificial flavours, colours or added preservatives, Suitable for lactose intolerant and vegetariansVisit for more information and to view our full snacks/meals range