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NIVEA Biodegradable Face Cleansing Wipes Dry Skin x25

25 x 1pack
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£1.65 £0.07 each
1 Mar 2024
£1.65 £0.07 each
1 Mar 2024
£1.65 £0.07 per 1wipe
1 Mar 2024
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15 Aug 2023
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1 Mar 2024
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1 Mar 2024

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NIVEA Biodegradable Gentle Cleansing Wipes for dry skin gently remove waterproof make-up and mascara. The mild formula contains 0% alcohol and is enriched with precious Almond Oil and *97% natural origin ingredients to hydrate and soothe your skin as you cleanse. The convenient pack of 20 wipes are great for at home or on the go so there’s never a moment your left without your favourite cleansing wipes. Specifically designed for dry skin.
NIVEA cares for your skin & planet: At NIVEA we say yes to a sustainable future, that’s why we have made sure to make the wipes you love and trust kinder on the environment. Our new biodegradable wipes are made from a plant-based tissue with micro-plastic free formulas. The packaging is even made from 45% recycled material!
Skin and eye compatibility dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.
*Ingredients sourced from nature retaining greater than 50% of their molecular structure (or natural state) after being processed, including water.Gently and effectively removes waterproof make-up and mascara., Biodegradable plant-based tissue enriched with soothing natural Almond Oil, Natural-origin ingredients, Packaging made from 45% recycled material, Specifically made for dry skin