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Ambrosia Ready to Eat Porridge Pot Golden Syrup Flavour

£1.30 £0.80
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£1.30 £0.80 £0.62 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
£1.00 £0.48 per 100g
10 Mar 2023
£1.29 £0.61 per 100g
9 Dec 2023
£1.30 £0.62 per 100g
9 Dec 2023

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Introducing Ambrosia Ready To Eat Porridge Pot Golden Syrup Flavour. Deliciously creamy, whether you eat it straight from the cupboard Or hot, after a quick heat up in the microwave With no artificial flavours or preservatives … you can start your day the right way Instructions: Simply stir to enjoy straight from the pot, or for a warmed porridge heat in the microwave for less than 2 minutes. The blissful grab-and-go way to start your day. Enjoy these breakfast porridge pots hot or cold!