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Arla Protein Blueberry Yogurt

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£1.30 £0.80 £0.40 per 100g
12 Apr 2024
£1.10 £0.55 per 100g
12 Apr 2024
£1.25 £0.62 per 100g
12 Apr 2024
£1.25 £0.63 per 100g
5 Apr 2024
£1.25 £0.62 per 100g
15 Aug 2023
£1.45 £0.72 per 100g
12 Apr 2024

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Lactose Free*
*Less than 0.01 gProtein is great, sure. But it doesn’t book the early morning spin class, doesn’t push for the extra mile, or squeeze out an extra rep. That’s all you, and we’ll never try to take credit for your hard work. But we will help you to feed your drive with delicious, low-fat protein products. From yogurts to pouches to puddings, there's a protein punch to suit every lifestyle and every single one contains a whopping 20g of protein. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, you’re regularly active or just trying to hit those 10,000 steps a day, Arla Protein helps you make sure you don’t let a second of that hard-earned exercise go to waste.Feed your drive with Arla Protein Blueberry Yogurt, High protein: 20g protein per pot and less than 150 calories per pot, Arla Foods is a farmer owned dairy cooperative providing care in every step from cow to you, Suitable for vegetarians@arlaprotein